Can't Heat Your Leftovers in Your Microwave?

Get our microwave repair services in Myrtle Beach, SC

Opening the fridge, you grab the plastic container with last night's dinner. You place it in the microwave, set the time, push start and wait patiently for your food to cook. You pull it out once you hear the beeping sound signaling that it's ready-but it's still cold.
Grand Strand Appliance Repair Service, LLC offers microwave repair services in Myrtle Beach, SC so that you can warm up your leftovers. Our microwave touch pad repair services will save you from needing a whole new unit.
Contact us at 843-685-6266 to schedule our microwave repair services today.

Our team can do it all

Instead of buying a new microwave, let us repair your broken one. Our team can fix various issues with your microwave. You can call us if:

  • It's not responding
  • It's not heating properly
  • It doesn't have power

We can replace the touch pads and even the main control board. Call now to learn more about microwave touch pad repair services. We work in Myrtle Beach, SC and beyond.